The Yardist Services:

Horticulture Oil/Dormant Oil Spray Applications

  • Provides a very safe (Mineral Oil) and effective means of controlling & reducing infestation levels, by suffocating and smothering Aphids, Scale insects, Caterpillar insects & eggs before hatching and infesting you deciduous trees & shrubs. Horticulture oil also reduces disease such as blacknot, powdery mildew, apple sca, rust/fungus and more! Therefore an annual application in spring or fall on deciduous trees & shrubs may be recommended.​​

Profesional Tree, Spray & Insect Control Service

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​Calgary, Alberta

 Annual Tree Fertilizer Program

  • Improves and maintains overall plant health, color of foliage and reduces insect & disease issues. It also gives us the opportunity to visit your yard annually to advise and access overall health between pruning cycles.​

“For a picture perfect yard”,……call the Yardist!.

Systemic Tree Injections
Provided for our more problematic insect pests such as European Elm Scale, Birch Leaf miner as well as others.

  • European Elm Scale systemic insecticide (Tree Azin)…applications typically start in late spring/early summer (after blossom season)
  • Birch Leaf Miner Systemic insecticide (Acecaps/Tree Azin)..applications typically start mid-spring when buds are swollen & throughout leafing out phase & into early summer as there are up to 5 instars (generations) throughout the growing season. Should do annually until leaf miner outbreaks diminish.

Tree/Shrub Spraying Applications
Provided on ‘as needed’ basis throughout the growing season to control a variety of insect pests including spruce sawfly larvae, aphids and scale insects, ect….Please call for details!

Professional Tree Pruning, Removal & Repair

  • Professional pruning refers to the proper removal of dead/diseased wood, crisscrossing branches and branches interfering with obstacles in order to improve health, vigor and maintain the natural structural integrity. In other words,….at the end of the day….we want the trees to still look like trees!​